Darren MacPherson

Artist Statement

Darren MacPherson’s paintings make use of strong and bold colour, shape and mood. Working with acrylic and spray paint gives MacPherson’s art the sense of immediacy and impact that comes with graffiti. His paintings are a postmodern mash-up of street art, cartoons, and the inversion of iconic cultural branding.

His work recalls personal territories that range from his city environment to his family history. Indian, Japanese and urban influences are prominent, along with intricate tattoo like motifs. Loose brushwork and layering inform his constant hunt for the perfect expression of a character.




Flux Exhibition London December 2015

Achievements & Awards

Artist of The Day Saatchi Art Winner 2014
Ten Artists To Watch Degree Art Winner 2014
Rise Art Top 10 Artist (The Other Art Fair) Rise Art Winner 2012