Johannes Nielsen

Artist Statement

 I remember when I was a young boy around 8 years old. Lying in my bed before falling asleep, a feeling often came to me that my body parts were not the same in size and shape as I saw them during the day. Sometimes, my thumb would turn into the size of a house and my hips became slim like a needle. This fantasy became so vivid that at times I had to open my eyes just to confirm that it was not real. 

It was at this stage that I started to become aware the different kinds of worlds in life—one you can see, one you cannot; a rational objective reality and an inner reality in which we experience and exist, both equally true. The question I have asked myself since is how to transform this inner experience into a body by using clay and proportions. My sculptures are my suggestion for this internal space—not only does it exist but it is also a reality during the day when my eyes are open. 


Johannes is a Contemporary Collective Artist




Exhibitions (selected)


Yikong gallery (Beijing/China)

Shangshan art museum (Beijing/China)

AAF artfair (London/Bristol/Singapore/Stockholm)

Panncentralen (Mariestad/Sweden)

Art Stays (Ptuj, Italy)

Art space (Shenzhen, China)

Spoon artfair (Hongkong)

Punto gallery (Italy/ Milano)

Damina Gallery (Hongkong)

Galleri Abante (Stockholm)

Art fair (Oslo) rep.  av 8 art gallery

Galerie wolfsen (Aalborg/Danmark) 

Havnagalleriet (Dragör/Danmark)

Galleri Henrik Gerner (Moss, Norge)

Sollentuna expo (artfair) Stockholm



Included in colletion


Sjöbo komun

Falkenbergs komun

Tommy Salo (ex NHL hockey player) 

Barbro ”Babben” Larsson (acter)

Green Hotell (Tällberg)

Laholms teckningmuseum

include different private collectors and company’s 



Coworth Park (hotel & event) London

The Polo club (singapore and London)

Mr. Heung, (art collector) Hong kong

Mr. Pong (Gallery owner) Beijing

Cityhall , Kalliningrad Ruccia 

Willian Thach (Auther)Hollywood, USA 

Daniel Arsenault (Designer) Montreal, Kanada

Piero Giadrossi (Gallery owner) Tuscana, Italien 

Lisa Fieldman (Jurist) New York, USA