Lewis Scott

Artist Statement

Lewis Scott's work is focused on the depiction of urban landscapes through the abstraction of light and atmosphere. the work is inspired and routed in place, and often the area around where the artist is living becomes the main topic for his work. the work is also influences by the social and cultural influences of a place, and most importantly its underlying atmosphere. The work is heavily connected to memory, particularly of place and moments, which are then conveyed through the work in different levels of clarity.


In combination with painting, the artist is currently developing skills of digital representation and exploring the multimedia aspect of his work. This is used both as an informative part of the creative process and as a way to produce finished pieces of a printed nature.  


The artist has been based in London, Amsterdam, and Vienna where he currently lives and works.


Lewis is a Contemporary Collective Artist




2012- Exhibition of Private Collection, Amsterdam. 
2010- EXART, WUK Vienna. 
2008- Transient City, DegreeArt.com Gallery, London
2007- Tino Showroom, London Design Week
2007- Group Exhibition at DegreeArt.com Gallery, Vyner Street, London
2007- Londscapes, LSE with DegreeArt.com, London
2007- Group Show, Leamington Spa
2006- Bar Art, Bar Exhibit with DegreeArt.com, London
2006- Quixotic, Rich Mix with DegreeArt.com, London
2005- Eyestorm, Warwick, (Group show)
2005- Bridge House Theatre, Warwick(Group show)