Lucy Unwin

Artist Statement

The inspiration for Lucy Unwin’s work derives from natural forms, be it organic shapes found in nature or the human figure. Her steel work concentrates on the human form, often portraying its physical power when it is pushed to extreme levels of exertion and flexibility, sometimes representing her own experiences within sport.

When working with stone, Lucy Unwin uses the natural shape of the material for guidance before releasing the form within. The physical process of working, which is often very demanding is important to her, as by combining physical and mental energy, she is able to create the desired outcome.

On her most recent creations, Lucy Unwin says..

“My latest designs see the amalgamation of natural forms such as eroded sea shells and fossils, combined with the subtle curves and lines of the human body. Often plant like in their structure these organic shapes represent the ever present influences of our natural environment on the human body, be it both physical and emotional.”

Want to see how Lucy Unwin crafts her pieces? Check out some of her videos on YouTube.




Sculpture at Coughton Court Gardens Warwickshire November 2013
London Sculpture Lincolnshire November 2013
Onform London 2013 St Pancras November 2012
Expressions of Movement 2012 Hertfordshire November 2012
Shadow Casting Performance Collaboration Peckham November 2012
On Form 2012 Oxfordshire October 2012
Art Contact Summer Exhibition Cambridgeshire June 2012 to July 2012
Art Contact Summer Exhibition Cambridgeshire December 2011
Collect4 London November 2011 to December 2011
Summer Sculpture and Painting Exhibition Petworth November 2011
The Sculpture Show Kent November 2011
The Sculpture Show Kent November 2011
The Bergh Apton Sculpture Trail Norfolk September 2011