Will Nixon

Artist Statement

My work involves the juxtaposition of different photographs, which are cropped and stuck together forming a collage. The collage is digitally manipulated so each image appears flat, thus disguising the evidence of human intervention in the work; but not totally.


The underlying theme of my work considers our understanding of and attitudes towards what we consider reality to be. Initially the various images appear to be snapshots that make up a typical urban environment, and to an extent they are. However, the works are in fact a calculated juxtaposition of different photographs, which take the form of a collage. 


Each collage is digitally manipulated disguising the evidence of human intervention, but not completely. Albeit subtle, there are clues within each image such as awkward perspective, or the reoccurrence of certain objects in other pictures that encourage the viewer to question the authenticity of the image. In the knowledge that the works are actually constructed spaces, each becomes a representation of a possible situation. 


The key to the success of my work lies in the balance that the spaces seem real but at the same time not real. I am influenced by an eclectic range of artists and thinkers: Baudrillard, Magritte, and most recently the work of Mondrian amongst other Modernists, focusing on concepts of utopia.


William  is a Contemporary Collective Artist




2009- Lost Britain (solo show), The Empire, London
2009- Barratt Homes (launch show), Dalston Square, London
2009- Westminster Arts Open, SW1 Gallery, London
2008- Photomonth Photo Open, Drays Walk Gallery, London
2008- Collect 4, The Empire, London
2008- Cork Street Annual Open Exhibition for Charity, London
2007- My Life In Art Christmas Show, London
2007- Urban Sublime, My Life In Art Gallery, London
2007- Creekside Open X2, APT Gallery, London
2007- Londscapes, London School of Economics
2006- Love Art (auction for charity), Royal Institute of British Architects, London
2006- Untitled, Throgmorton Restaurant, London
2006- Glimpse, South Molton Street, London
2006- Bar Art, The Exhibit, London
2006- DegreeArt On Level 1, Earl’s Court, London
2005- Paintworks, Bristol
2005- The Affordable Arts Fair, Battersea Park, London
2005- Candid Arts Fair, The Candid Gallery, London
2005- Showcase, Kent Architecture Centre
2004- The Affordable Arts Fair, Battersea Park, London 
2004- DegreeArt at Canary Wharf, London
2004- Dulwich Art Fair, London
2003- Art Below Zero, Urban Outfitters, Glasgow
2003- An Exhibition of Young Artists, New Cross Gate, London
2003- Central Saint Martin’s Degree Show, London
2003- Art Below Zero, Notting Hill Arts Club, London